Holding Dog Owners Accountable When Their Pets Cause Serious Injury

Connecticut has a strict liability law that holds owners of dogs and other animals fully accountable for any harm caused by their pets. Under the strict liability statute, dog owners are held liable even if their dogs have never bitten anyone before or shown any kind of vicious tendencies. Injury victims have the right to seek full and fair compensation for their medical care and any other losses they suffer as a result of the attack.

Dog owners will often try to say that the dog was provoked or that the victim had been warned about its temperament, and the insurance companies will attempt to use these assertions to deny the victim's claim for damages. These cases can be difficult to resolve, and it is critical that you have an experienced personal injury attorney representing you from the outset.

Strong Advocates For Victims In Connecticut Dog Bite Cases

Dogs' mouths harbor all kinds of germs. There's a lot more stuff out there then just rabies. Any sign of swelling, redness, oozing or fever may indicate an infection growing in the wound. See a doctor immediately after a dog bite. Puncture wounds can be very serious.

At Lettick & Lettick, PC, we offer our clients more than 40 years of experience in dog bite and other animal attack claims. We understand the incredible trauma victims experience in these cases. With every case we accept, we work to obtain compensation for all of the medical care you will require as well as compensation for your emotional distress and other considerations.

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