Holding Property Owners Accountable In Connecticut Premises Liability Claims

If you were injured in an accident that occurred on property owned by another party, you may have grounds to seek damages in a premises liability claim. These are complex cases that require the attention of a qualified personal injury attorney who knows the law and will fight to protect your interests.

At Lettick & Lettick, PC, we represent clients throughout New Haven County and across Connecticut in a broad range of these cases. We understand the responsibility of property owners to maintain a safe environment for all visitors, and we know how to obtain the compensation you need for your medical care, loss of income and any other losses you may suffer.

Ready To Help With Any Premises Liability Claim

We represent clients who have been injured in any kind of premises liability claim. Whether you were injured in an office building or apartment building, at a hotel, in a shopping mall, at a public park or a friend's personal residence, we are prepared to provide you with the proactive, results-oriented representation necessary to secure the best available outcome in your case.

We handle all types of premises liability cases, including:

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