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Common causes of truck accidents

Roadways throughout Connecticut are crowded with semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, big rigs, and other large trucks hauling tons of cargo. Unfortunately, motorcyclists, motorists, and their passengers are usually injured the most in an accident involving a large truck. An 18-wheeler or a big rig does much more damage than a passenger vehicle due to its size and weight. The truck driver or trucking company may be at fault if one of the following applies:

  • There has been insufficient training regarding safety and defensive measures, technical issues, or practical driving experience. Inexperienced drivers may initially cost a trucking company less, but it is extremely costly to compensate for serious injury or fatality.
  • Wages or bonuses are related to speed of delivery leading to speeding and reckless driving. Paying drivers more to deliver goods faster encourages drivers to take unnecessary risks.
  • Impractical, risky driving schedules have been imposed by trucking companies that disregard safety rules. Drivers need to recognize when they've been driving too much, and trucking companies have to follow federal and state safety regulations.
  • A truck is poorly loaded or ill-maintained. Accidents can occur when a semi-truck hasn't been loaded correctly. If the weight of the cargo isn't properly distributed, a truck can be tough to drive and can even jackknife. Insufficient maintenance can also cause accidents. Federal regulations require the proper maintenance of any big rig, 18-wheeler, semi-truck, or other commercial truck on the road for the purpose of preventing brake problems, stalling, tire blowouts, and other dangerous malfunctions.
  • Distracted or sleep-deprived driving. Cell phone use, talking, eating, adjusting the radio or other controls, or engaging in any activity that takes hands or attention away from the wheel is considered distracted driving. No one who is sleep-deprived should be driving.

Avoiding An Accident With A Truck

Because it is difficult to ascertain the time a large truck will take to brake or accelerate, or how much room it needs to complete a turn, you should use extra caution when driving near large trucks. You can avoid an accident if you stay out of a truck's blind spots, pass safely on the left, change lanes with caution and only when necessary, merge carefully, allow a truck enough room to turn, and avoid driving between two large trucks.

Why You Need An Attorney

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help you understand federal and state regulations pertaining to commercial trucks and trucking companies. He or she can ascertain your eligibility for compensation and, if one exists, make the applicable legal claim. Trucking companies have legal representation; you should, too.

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