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Tips for safer driving in wet weather

Many drivers associate snow with poor driving conditions, but it may be surprising to find out that you are likelier to get in an accident during a rainy day than a snowy one. According to USA Today, a report revealed that in 39 of 50 states, rain was more likely to cause an accident than snow or ice was, but few drivers realize the impact that rain can have on their driving.

When it is rainy or wet outside, drivers should pay close attention and drive differently than they normally do to prevent accidents, injuries and even death. These tips for driving in wet weather can save lives and protect those around you from serious injury and life-changing conditions.

Check your vehicle

If your car is not maintained well, your chances of an accident greatly increase. A quick way to check the tread on your tires is to take a quarter and place it in the tire tread upside down. You should replace your tires if the top of Washington's head is exposed at all. Check your tire pressure with a tire gauge regularly and replace your windshield wipers as soon as they seem to have problems. Replace taillights, brake lights, turn signals and headlights immediately when they go out so other drivers can see your signals through heavy rain.

Stay away from cruise control

It is convenient to use when you are traveling at the same speed for a long stretch of road, but cruise control can be particularly hazardous in the rain. Engaging cruise control can greatly increase the chances that you will lose control of your car. You cannot slow down simply by lifting your foot from the accelerator when using cruise control, and you should always be fully engaged in driving, whereas cruise control allows your focus to shift.

Be ready for hydroplaning

When a vehicle is moving too fast in wet conditions, the tires may miss a grip on the road and instead slide over a small layer of water. This is called hydroplaning, and it is difficult to control the car when this happens. Always take your time when driving in the rain to avoid hydroplaning. Give other vehicles additional space when you are traveling behind them and keep your lights on in heavy rain to warn other drivers of your location.

When safe driving fails

Unfortunately, even when you are driving safely and paying attention, other drivers may be distracted or drive too fast. This can result in an injury, accident or even death in wet weather conditions. If you deal with an injury from another person's negligence, you may benefit from speaking to any attorney about any concerns you have.

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