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Why older people are more likely to fall

As you age, your chances of taking a fall and suffering a serious injury because of it tend to rise, and there are many different reasons why this is the case. Because, per AgingCare.com, falls are the leading cause of injury, death and hospitalization among people within your generation, it is critical that you identify what your own risk factors are so that you can reduce your chances of taking a tumble.

As an older person, you may find that you are more susceptible to falling because:

Your vision is deteriorating

As you age, your vision tends to deteriorate, and if you are prescribed glasses or contact lenses but you do not wear them regularly, this can dramatically boost your chances of falling. You may also develop degenerative eye diseases that inhibit your vision, and this, too, can add to your level of risk.

You are recovering from surgery

As an older American, you are also more likely to have to undergo more physically limiting surgeries than the rest of the general population. You may find that you are more prone to falling during surgical recovery, perhaps due to pain or because you unknowingly begin to favor one side of your body over another. You may also take certain prescription medications after surgery that affect balance or make you dizzy, further exacerbating your risk.

You abstain from physical activity

If you are like many older people, you may find that your lifestyle slows down a bit when it comes to your level of physical activity, and this, too, can contribute to your risk of slipping and falling. A reduction in physical activity can diminish balance, strength and flexibility, all of which place you at greater risk of a fall.

If you find that your chance of suffering a fall is high because of one or more of these reasons, it is important that you stay on the lookout for environmental factors that may heighten your risk. For example, loose carpeting, poorly installed or lacking handrails, or objects in the middle of the floor are all examples of environmental factors that may further enhance your chances of suffering a fall-related injury. 

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