Victims Of Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents Have A Solid Ally In Us

Bicyclists and pedestrians have specific rights under the law, and it is the responsibility of every driver to be watchful for them. Failure to do so places the safety of innocent people at risk and frequently leads to accidents that result in severe injuries. Different laws apply to pedestrians and bicyclists and they can vary from town to town in Connecticut. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, you have the right to be fully compensated for any losses you have suffered as a result.

At Lettick & Lettick, P.C., our attorneys have successfully represented countless clients in a broad range of bicycle and pedestrian accident claims, including pedestrians crossing in crosswalks and bicyclists riding in dedicated bike lanes.

Building A Solid Strategy In Every Case

Insurance companies will often attempt to avoid their responsibility by claiming that the pedestrian or bike rider was acting irresponsibly. We investigate to determine exactly how your accident occurred. We present the strongest possible argument to support your claim for damages and pursue every available option to obtain full compensation for all of your injuries.

We work hard to negotiate a fair settlement without putting you through a long and difficult legal proceeding. We present our evidence to the insurance company with complete rationale for the damages we are seeking. We prepare every case for trial, and we will not hesitate to file a lawsuit in court.

Our Attorneys Are Ready To Help

Motorists must share the road with bicyclists and be vigilant of pedestrians. If you are a bicyclist or pedestrian injured by a distracted or inattentive driver, our attorneys are prepared to help. Lettick & Lettick, P.C., in Hamden, Connecticut, is an experienced personal injury law firm. For a free consultation, contact us or call us at 203-361-9330. Se habla español.