If You Experience A Wrongful Death

When a loved one's life is cut short by the fault or negligence of another, the hole in your heart will never be filled.

Human life is priceless. Money is the only legal form of compensation in a civilized society for the death of a loved one.

Your attorneys at Lettick & Lettick, PC, are here to help you. We are sensitive to the emotions and confusion you will find yourself in at these times. However, we are aware of all the information and evidence that must be gathered as soon as possible.

We will get the police report, send out our own investigator and get the autopsy report and all pertinent medical records. We can oversee life insurance and pension claims, if you need help. We can administrate the estate through the probate courts.

What do we take into account when trying to value your loved ones' settlement?

  1. Types of injuries sustained. This involves reading the autopsy report, hospital and medical records. It is a very sad task because we are always conscious of the people who died, their suffering and that we are privy to the last movements of their lives.
  2. Medical expenses and funeral expenses.
  3. Economic loss to the family due to decedent's inability to continue working.

Frequently there is not enough insurance or assets to pay out what we think a case is worth, but we will search to make the best settlement(s) possible. We will help you through this horrible time in your life.

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